Throughout one’s teaching career, we have all had to change and evolve because we’ve been forced to. Change is hard and sometimes we get grumpy about it, sometimes we say “‘pfft,’ this won’t last, the previous change didn’t take!” The longer you have been teaching you can most likely predict the changes that are going to take place. I learned that if we don’t evolve and grow with the changes in education; we won’t succeed, nor will our students.

One of the the things I learned early on in my teaching career, was that it is okay to fail, change can sometimes be a big fat failure in the making. I have found that some of my proudest achievements have come in the face of adversity. In that moment of change, we have a huge opportunity for growth or we can be that negative person sitting idly by waiting to get on board.

In the last three years, my school district has been slowly progressing toward a standards based reporting system. I went to several training sessions with various colleagues and immediately drank the SBR Kool-Aid and hopped on the SBR train – I was like, “YES, this makes so much sense, I can’t believe we didn’t start this earlier!!” That’s not to say I didn’t run into several challenges and failures along the way because believe me, since then I have reconstructed my classroom rubrics about 10 times. But, honestly, assessing students this way is so much more informative and allows me to truly gather information on my students and their understanding of the material. While change is hard for most of us, I ask that you be positive and give the “new thing” a try because you never know what flavor of Kool-Aid you will like unless you work hard to evolve as an educator.

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