Push the boundaries, stand up for what’s right. If someone tells you NO! Ask why? Why not now? If not now, when? What is the right time? When will it be the right time? What will it take to enlist change? How are you going to be a force to be reckoned with? How are you going to be fierce on a daily basis? Boundaries are what you believe to be okay and what is not okay. Self-care can help to create these boundaries, because you are not willing to settle for someone else’s best. Your best, IS NOT someone else’s best! Ask for what you need because without putting yourself out there and be mindful of your needs, you will not be able to create boundaries that benefit your life and goals.

Having professional boundaries is not only about the teacher, but the students as well. If a teacher is burning the candle at both ends, it will take a toll on the connection they have with their students and hinder their learning. It is imperative that we set limits for ourselves, because no matter how hard we push, we might not see a student improve which can create frustration, which in turn can create burn out. As teachers, we have the best of intentions, but sometimes we have to deem what is beneficial and worthwhile. Boundaries will allow us to do our best work and be present in the classroom for ourselves, and most of all our students! 

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