Are people capable of being solid team players or are they just looking out for themselves? Do we naturally have the art of compromise through compassion or is it a taught behavior? Compromising is coming to an agreement or being able to settle a dispute. Compassion is the concern for others.


According to Brene Brown, “those of us who are compassionate are more likely to ask for what they need.” It is effective to ask for what we need, as long as it is not at the expense of someone else. It is not a bad thing to take care of your own needs first, but true compassion is helping others in order to find their own strength. We need to value our work or no one else will, however, being respectful and flexible will allow us to build better relationships cultivated by compassion. Why are so many of us fearful to have conversations with our colleagues that set effective boundaries as it relates to compassion? First of all, it is hard. Second of all, it might be considered a self-righteous act if we are not aware of our own issues related to the specific compromise needed. When we are more compassionate, we can see the entire experience and will more likely be able to compromise staying away from resentment. We will be able to create boundaries that allow us to be more successful and continue to do the best we can.

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