Intention is an aim or plan in moving forward. Setting an intention as a teacher is a great tool to help improve your learning and have a deeper connection with your curriculum. How do you intend your day to go? How do you intend your lesson to go? When we set intentions within our classroom, it helps us stay on task to reach the goals we set for ourselves on a daily basis. What is your next step? What is the next skill you intend to learn? How will you determine your next intention? Whatever your intentions are, when you set your next intention, find energy and excitement around it. Set the intention and see it play out, get into the experience of the intention, and see where it leads. Pay attention to the intention. Pay attention to the process. Things will get in the way – fear, success, failure, positive experiences, etc. What experiences are you waking up to? What are you reaching for? What intentions are you setting for yourself?

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