How do we incorporate grit and resilience into the curriculum? Friday I spent time with several different teachers in the profession who freely discussed how we might incorporate grit and resilience into our curriculum to help students prepare for the real world. While there were many suggestions, I have found myself really thinking through this topic. I have felt that in the past few years my students have demonstrated less grit and resiliency.


Therefore, I picked up a book by Angela Duckworth, Grit; The Power of Passion and Perseverance.  She stated that those who demonstrate GRIT possess a few different characteristics: they are resilient and hardworking, they know deeply what it is they want, they have specific direction; yet most of all, they have a combination of passion and perseverance. Essentially, grit is a combination of talent, effort, skill and achievement.


But the question remains, how do we teach our students to build GRIT? We teach them the importance of following through on what they have started. We teach them to figure out what it is they love and care about and stay loyal to it. We teach our students to love our curriculum while teaching them how to persevere through tough assignments and projects. We teach them to make goals and bounce back from challenges. As teachers, we have to model the behavior we seek, such as being curious about curriculum and pique their interests. Grit will exist more when passion and perseverance are occurring simultaneously. So, what are somethings we can do to help build grit and resilience amongst our students?

1.Help your students find purpose. What gets them excited? What do they love?

2.Share stories of celebrities who have overcome hardships and shown grit.

3.Teach grit through books, movies, and personal experiences.

4.Teach students that it is important to finish what you start and sometimes you have to pick the harder thing to do.

5.Share your passions.

Overall to incorporate grit into your curriculum, follow through on what you say you are going to do, stay loyal, and create goals.

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