I am SO excited to begin traveling next week! I will be taking time to relax, visit with friends and experience another culture! Seven-days in Oregon and then 10-days in Italy!!! As a teacher, I am constantly striving to make my curriculum fun, memorable, and impactful. Have any of you ever thought of incorporating your travel experiences into the curriculum?


Travel is magical! It takes people out of their comfort zone because they are experiencing a new place or a new culture, perhaps for the first time. Travel enhances one’s educational experiences; take Williamsburg, VA for example. It is home of the Revolutionary War and historic buildings that enlighten visitor’s about our nations founders. There is endless history everywhere! What are some ways one can add traveling experiences to their curriculum? Below are few examples:

1.Write a Travel Narrative

2.Use Conversations/Dialogue for Alternative Language Learning

3.Make Connections with the Souvenirs

4.Explore your Genealogy

5.Analyze the Geology

6.Compare Different Kinds of Money

7.Create a Travel Brochure from Travel Experiences

8.Bring Home Questions for your Students

9.Challenge Cultural Assumptions

10.Compare Literature from Other Countries

Travel and curriculum have many facets and can definitely make the learning process more fun and meaningful. Students are able to broaden their horizons, learn about other cultures and understand that they will soon have the opportunity to navigate the ever-changing world. Travel should never be just one destination, but a way of seeing new things. Adding those experiences to your curriculum could improve student’s knowledge and make it fun all at the same time!

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