Do you ever get that feeling of excitement when you see that one friend you haven’t seen in years and things pick up right where they left off, or you’re finally taking that trip to Italy that you’ve always wanted to take, or you know you are doing the very thing you should be doing? I know it feels something like this!!! Pure unadulterated excitement!


I know many people think I am crazy, when I say, writing curriculum gets me excited! There is something about creating curriculum from its raw state, organizing it, and then transforming it into something greater, something we can interpret and teach. Creating and designing curriculum produces a feeling of accomplishment. HEY, I DID THAT! I CREATED THAT! 

Then…there is the thrill you have when the lessons you did create go off without a hitch and the students get it (can I get an Amen) and you have this internal glow because it worked! IT REALLY DID WORK! There are also the “ah-ha” moments you have when you need to tweak something because it just didn’t work out the way you envisioned it in your head. What’s even more, there are also the “oh shit” moments you have when students go home and tell their parents about the acronym BSCRAP (hey, they’ll never forget the skill-related fitness components)! All-in-all, these are the reasons why I enjoy writing curriculum so much.

Curriculum writing and planning gets me excited! I feel passionate when I talk to teachers about it. I feel delighted when I get to share my resources and teach educators how to create and implement it. My suggestion, find that thing you are passionate about and start doing the think that gets you “so excited that you just can’t hide it?”

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