Why is it in the United States, we tend to fake-nice communicate with other people? Why can’t we really say how we feel? “Hey, I don’t really like it when you do that to me!” Or, “Hi, I really miss you.” Why can’t everyone be honest? As stated by Mark Manson, “in order to build trust, we need to be honest with one another.” If we are consistently working to establish positive relationships in the classroom, students need to know who they can or cannot rely on in order to survive their daily school life. Therefore, if we can be brutally honest with our students, we need to be able to do so without creating animosity or anger in the process.

On the contrary, we also have to understand that we cannot control the way in which others will react to our honesty because that is where most problems arise. If we can be honest and forthcoming with others, and clearly communicate our truest thoughts, we will experience positive events and ultimately people will respect us more.


We are often taught to say polite and kind things to someone even though we are frustrated with them. Why? Because we will hurt their feelings? Because we are afraid of the consequences? It takes A LOT of courage to be your most authentic self when communicating honest thoughts with someone, specifically with our students. I am one of the biggest people pleasers out there, and I want my students to like me. I have found that the more honest and trustworthy I am with them, the more likely they WILL like me. In the long run, life is too short for us to not be honest. You never know the last time you will see someone.

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