Lately, I have been thinking a lot about leadership (as you will notice from my Blog posts). Am I doing enough to be a good leader? A positive leader? Are the people within my building doing enough to be good leaders? Do they even want to lead or are they simply following others? Or, are we all so ready for the school year to end, that no one wants to lead at all?


I recently read a newsletter from Jon Gordon who got me thinking about the way in which we lead. What I summarized from his point of view is this…positive leaders ALWAYS invest their time and energy driving a positive culture! Not just some of the time, but ALL OF THE TIME. In my opinion, this should be one of the major reasons why leaders are in leadership positions. They strive to create a positive environment everyday by visiting classrooms, interacting with staff and students alike, and they believe in transforming any negativity that might sabotage teams right from the start.  They share their vision – not just the vision they want from the guidelines that are placed upon them and the district from the State, but the vision that they want for each faculty and staff member. Leaders are able to be optimistic.


So…what if, as leaders, we invested in our staff more regularly, (not just during Teacher Appreciation Week). If professional development and faculty meetings were actually applicable to the teachers needs. Don’t you think teachers would feel that their time was being utilized more wisely? If teachers received more “thank you’s,” “we appreciate you’s,” don’t you think teachers would be more confident in their ability to perform? Don’t you think their dedication and drive would improve?


Being a positive leader is HARD, but it drives individuals to go farther! It drives individuals to become cohesive groups that will work hard to achieve positivity in their own lives and classrooms.


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