From the wise words of Jon Bon Jovi, “never say goodbye…” Do you ever get the feeling that when you’re asked to rewrite curriculum, you have to say goodbye to the great content or activities” in your classroom because it just doesn’t match up to the “new curricular requirements?” There is always going to be new curriculum or in the case of health, a new law that dictates some of your class content.  But…I clearly suggest, “never say goodbye” to the content or activities that your students enjoy AND teach valuable lessons!


Writing and planning curriculum is always a long process but if something is working in your classroom and it is enhancing your students learning, then keep doing it. You may have to tweak it or make it relevant to societal norms, but if it works, it works!


According to the US Department of Education, “All states and schools will have challenging and clear standards of achievement and accountability for all children, and effective strategies for reaching those standards.”  How we implement those standards for learning is up to us, therefore, planning out a curriculum where you don’t have to say goodbye to all the good stuff will only make teaching more enjoyable for us as teachers as well as our students.

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