Are you afraid of perception? Concerned about how your colleagues perceive you? What does it say about us and our own personal views if we are worried about a particular perception from others? With this fear of a specific perception, are we scared that we are not doing enough in the classroom or could it be the impact our teaching has on our students?


The fear of how we think people will perceive us is just that, fear! Any time we try something new in our classroom we are often dealing with the fear that we place upon ourselves and our minds continue to play the “what-if” game. “What if,” this lesson doesn’t work? “What if,” the lesson fails? “What if,” I am making myself too vulnerable? Either way, as teachers, we should feel good about trying something new and the failure itself should be a sign that we are made for something different. How you decide to grow as a teacher, is a personal adventure. You need to do what you need to in order to become a better teacher – if it is attending classes, increasing your professional development, or seeking a mentor, your journey as a teacher is your own. So, fear is sometimes part of the path we need to take in order to grow. Believing in the possibility beyond fear, allows us to improve our teaching skills and become more self-assured.


Only you have the ability to control your fear and how it takes a hold of your life. Utilize your own personality in the classroom to overcome any fear or perception of failure. You get to decide how confident you are everyday and the strength you bring into the classroom.

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