As Spring approaches, it is time regain the positivity we had at the beginning of the year within our classrooms and curriculum. Positive classrooms work together more effectively. They stay positive, connected, and committed through challenges. They maximize each other’s talent. They believe together and achieve more together. They feel safe, engaged, connected and supported.


“A school curriculum that incorporates positive well-being will ideally prevent depression, increase life satisfaction, encourage social responsibility, promote creativity, foster learning and even enhance academic achievement,”(Waters, 2014). So how do we incorporate more positivity sprinkled throughout our curriculum? First, we must work to develop a positive learning environment! This takes planning, reflecting, and adapting our strategies to fit the changing needs of our students.


Positive, high performing classrooms don’t happen by accident. They are built by teachers who reduce the negative and add a big dose of positive, more or less, they reframe. When you subtract negativity and add positivity into your classroom, the sky is the limit. Think about what you and your students can achieve together!? How can we all stay positive to help each other grow?


1. Safety: Provide a safe learning environment where students feel welcomed and supported.

2.Engagement: Develop a personalized learning concept where students can learn using their strengths.

3.Connectedness: Connect with your students, get to know them, develop relationships, and support student success.

4.Support: Students must feel connected to the classroom, school, and overall school climate.

In the long run, positivity in the classroom and curriculum will build academic environments where students achieve success and develop a healthy emotional well-being inside and outside the school walls.

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