What would make your districts professional development (PD) better? How come every waking minute is scheduled? How many different topics can we do, see, or learn about before we burn out? No wonder our students are burned out–teachers are burned out too. How much PD is too much? Sometimes all we want is time with our colleagues, time in our classrooms, or time to simply take a step back and breathe. Who decides “what is best for our teachers?” Who should be deciding on PD–Administrators or Teachers?


For example, one concept in my district is standards-based reporting and teaching. So WHY are we NOT focusing solely on that? Why are we then being asked to incorporate technology? Incorporate innovation? Shouldn’t the choice come from the teachers? We are inundated with all the new bells and whistles of education every year, but we haven’t mastered the nuances of what was taught or implemented to us during the previous year.


I’d like to hear from all of you. What do you think? How do you go about discussing this with others in the district? What do you do in your district? Please share your thoughts.

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