I was at Target today and was shocked to see that the school supplies are already set up in the back of the store!! What? Why? The longer I teach, the more aware I have become about the timing in which school supplies are arranged on the shelves at our local stores. It appears that the supplies are organized in the stores earlier and earlier. What happened to celebrating the final weeks of summer, without the looming pressure to buy school supplies before they have been pilfered? What is the connection between school supplies and curriculum?


School supplies are recommendations made from teachers to help students be successful in the classroom. At some point during the school year, supplies will help students design masterpieces, write essays, and create portfolios. All of which are required by various classes in some curricular fashion. What would it look like if every student in your classroom, school, and district had access to supplies that would help them succeed everyday? Having the proper supplies in class, allows students to engage in the classroom material more freely, without worry. Additionally, if we increased funding for high-quality supplies, every student would have more opportunity for success. Both proper supplies and engaging curriculum enhance the learning experience and support academic achievement. While the connection is clear, it is still discerning that supplies have to be in the stores so soon, reminding everyone that the summer is almost over and the school year is rapidly approaching.

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