Have you ever had the fear that you are going to put your curriculum in front of your administrator and after all of your hard work it’s a complete failure? Have you ever designed a lesson for your students you think is the “bomb,” and it falls flat? Sometimes all we can do as teachers is trust the process of implementing and writing our curriculum. We have to trust the process of revision, trust the process of trying and failing, and trust the process of creating a curriculum that demonstrates learning and best practices. Throughout the curriculum writing process, the universe may not grant us the outcome we want, but it will most certainly grant us the outcome we need. Throughout the writing process we will become a better teacher, a more skilled leader, and a lifelong learner. We must be relentless when we are working through the curricular writing process in order to get to the outcome we want and need!


We need to be relentless in trusting our own intuition and knowledge. We need to be relentless in providing the best curriculum for our students. We need to be relentless when we re-do, re-think, and re-write our curriculum. Here are a few steps to remember when writing your best curriculum: One, establish your foundation! Two, understand your state or national standards. Three, designate priority standards that will allow your students to perform mastery. Four, create assessments that clearly check for what your students should know, understand and do. Five, reflect on your curriculum and revise when needed. Finally, challenge your students to have high expectations in the learning process. Being relentless in the creation and re-creation of your curriculum takes dedication and commitment. Effort and time. Unlock your tenacity and be relentless in learning new methods, activities, and curricular information.

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