In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I thought I would consider the love each of us has for teaching and how it relates to the curriculum. “Love is basic to the learning that takes place to fulfill human needs,” (Lack, 1969, p 1). It was once thought that all aspects of health dictated the focus for many different types of curriculum. Various types of curricula were designed to fulfill basic human needs such as belonging, self-respect, self-discipline, social responsibility, morality, and development of the whole person. Today, is the basic need through the fulfillment of love a way to design curriculum?

Think about it: each of us has our own journey as a teacher, student, and lifelong learner. Each time we create a new lesson or a new curriculum, we bring new perspectives, excitement, and love of the content to our students. With each failure, we learn to solve problems and make decisions in order to adjust our curriculum to give our students the gift of learning. With each success, we learn how to love our craft, be better teachers, and engage our students more readily during the next lesson. What excites me about teaching is the ability to grow as a person as well as a teacher, allowing my students to see what I love about the profession.

What excites you? Is it stepping out of your comfort zone? Is it learning a new teaching philosophy? Is it creating a new curriculum? Is it passing along your love and passions for your content to others? Whatever it is you love about teaching, keep making a difference in the lives of our students!!

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