They say that curriculum writing is hard! They say that planning out your curriculum for the year is tedious! What they don’t say is, there are people out there that will help. What they don’t say is, when it is done well, the school year will run more smoothly. Helping fellow educators write curriculum has been rewarding, educational, time consuming and frustrating all at the same time, but it is the WHY that continues to guide me to create the most successful business and curriculum for my clients that I am able.

When it comes to designing curriculum, what I immediately think of is the ability to help teachers perfect their craft! Be better at their work! Grow personally and professionally! Teach their students effectively! Love their work again!

I started my business, so that I could help teachers rediscover the reasons why they got into teaching in the first place! Teaching is a profession that often goes unnoticed, so if you became a teacher to climb the ladder and receive numerous accolades, you have chosen the wrong career path. Get out now while you can!

What do you want from your curriculum consultant? How can you improve your classroom?


Here are FIVE ways to get started on the curriculum writing and planning process:

1.Know and become familiar with the content area standards – National or State

2.Unpack the standards, designating performance descriptors and learning targets

3.Think about what the students should Know, Understand, and Do

4.Begin creating formative and summative assessments based on the standards and learning targets

5.Connect the assessments to the rubrics indicating the criteria for success

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