Whatever teaching may throw at you, whether it feels like success or like failure, expected or unexpected, teachers are made ready! We’re ready to write and implement curriculum. And most of all, we’re ready to tackle the daily grind of educating our youth.  Is your curriculum designed for your class and your teaching style? Are you incorporating your personality into each lesson? What might work in one class, won’t necessarily work in another class based on the student population. Values and motivations are different from class to class. The teacher-student relationships are different in each class. However, creating a curriculum that demonstrates the professionalism and relationships that teachers make with their students, is essential. Within your curriculum, you will create a unifying theme across each grade level and class, yet the way in which the theme is presented can be tweaked based on the students. So, how do we assess the readiness of our curriculum?


Here are a few questions to ask yourself: Is your curriculum aligned with the standards and learning objectives? Are your learning tasks varied and authentic? Do the assessments measure learning appropriately? We are ready to turn around and reassess our curriculum when it isn’t working. We are made ready to learn, to celebrate, and to endure. We are born ready to handle all of the things that get thrown our way during every school year. Enjoy the beautiful things you are already made of!

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