Year after year, I am always redefining my curriculum! Some would say, “ugh, after 11 years in the classroom, why are you doing that?” Some might say, “haven’t you found your jam yet?” And some might even say, “are you crazy, you’ve got a good thing going!” Here’s the truth: they are not always wrong! I often ask myself those exact questions and half way through the process I think they might be right…I am little crazy!!

think outside of the box

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However, for most subject matters, the content is always changing and evolving. Specifically for health, there is always new information on mental health, there are new laws related to drugs, and as dedicated teachers, it is our job to ensure that we know this new information in order to educate our students with the most recent and up to date information. So what does redefining curriculum mean for yourself and your students?

  1. Your students will receive the most recent and up to date information.
  2. Your classroom will be a more engaging and interactive place.
  3. You will be able to differentiate learning based on skill level and/or learning style.
  4. As the teacher you won’t get complacent or bored with the curriculum you teach.
  5. Redefining curriculum will allow you to understand the effectiveness of your curriculum year after year and help you make necessary changes when needed.
  6. You get to be innovative and try new strategies that might just manifest themselves into other classrooms.

Simply stated, “education is dynamic!” We know that there will always be changes coming through the pipeline or even through our school districts; it is the nature of the beast.  Hopefully these tips can help you see the impact that redefining your curriculum can have on you as well as your students.

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