About CIC Strategies

A Fink Curriculum Vitae 2018

As a health educator, who is involved in the Fine Arts Department, we were asked to re-create our curriculum with no assistance from outside resources.  While our colleagues were receiving aid from specialists within their content area, we were left to create curriculum without additional coaching. As a result, CIC Strategies was created to help health and physical education teachers (among other content areas such as; drama, art, chorus/music, and band) to create, design, and implement curriculum suitable for their educators and school district.  The purpose of CIC Strategies is to support and coach other educator’s in the creation of their own curriculum to develop best practices in the classroom.


Why CIC Strategies?

CIC is committed to helping teachers build an educational community where they can discover their own value in the classroom. CIC has experience in developing and implementing standards-based practices for health, physical education, art, drama, chorus/music, and band. CIC will demonstrate the importance of understanding where the education team is starting before they embark on curriculum writing. Although educator’s may be at different stages in their writing process, CIC will provide both team and individual support.  

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