After receiving her first undergraduate degree from University of Iowa in 1996, Allison pursued work as a personal trainer and volleyball coach. Through these experiences, Allison recognized the need for health and fitness education among teens. Therefore, in 2004, Allison decided to pursue her passion and head back to school so she could teach young adults the importance of a healthy lifestyle and good overall health. Allison received her second undergraduate degree at Northeastern Illinois University in PE and Health in 2008 and began teaching Health at Lake Bluff Middle School in the fall. In 2011, Allison completed her graduate degree with a Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction from Concordia University and in 2015, Allison went on to complete her second Master’s degree in Health, Physical Education and Recreation from Emporia State University.

Currently beginning her 13th year at Lake Bluff Middle School. She believes her role is to ensure that her students are able to draw on various experiences and create healthful outcomes based on their behavior and decision making. She also believes it’s her responsibility to help students feel comfortable and provide a safe learning environment for them to share their thoughts and concerns.

In addition to teaching, Allison was published for the first time on both the Edutopia and MiddleWeb websites for teaching and learning in 2016. At present, Allison is the author of “Navigating Middle School: A Guide for Parents and Teens,” currently being sold on Amazon. In November 2018, Allison spoke at the Illinois Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance Convention on “Mindfulness and Meditation in the Classroom” and “Aligning Assessments to the Standards and Rubrics.” Finally, Allison was published in the Spring 2019 Edition of the Illinois Journal for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance; “Students Teaching Students: Increasing Student Engagement in a Health Curriculum.”

In her spare time, Allison enjoys coaching high school and middle school volleyball, recording various Podcasts, running her business; CIC Strategies, reading, working out and spending time with her friends and family.


CIC Strategies helps teachers perfect their craft! Be better at their work! Grow personally and professionally! Teach their students effectively! And…love their work again! CIC Strategies was started in order to help teachers rediscover the reasons why they got into teaching in the first place! Additionally, it was established to aid health, physical education, art, drama, chorus, music, and band teachers to implement curriculum suitable for their students and the goals of the school district.

What can CIC Strategies do for you?


  • Support and coach educator’s in the creation and development of theircurriculum.
  • Establish best practices in the classroom.
  • Develop an educational leader on curricular writing and planning.


CIC Strategies will serve as an advisor and coach for teachers and school administration. The goal is to devise strategies to improve educational quality through curriculum development and implementation. Consulting sessions will be provided for teachers to help create new and/or revise curricula.  The objective will be to help educators deliver their best possible content.

Another benefit will be to help teachers organize curriculum based on the subject area priority standards. Together, we will analyze the standards and learning objectives in order to align curriculum. Finally, I will integrate knowledge of content standards, proficiency scales, assessments, and rubrics to provide the best curriculum possible.