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Educational consulting firm specializing in standards-based practices and the flipped classroom model to design curriculum for middle school health and physical education content areas. The ultimate goal is to assist educators in creating and implementing curricular strategies to be successful in the classroom.

Mission Statement

Create and Implement Curricular (CIC) Strategies will provide a multi-faceted approach to support classroom instructors based on a comprehensive curriculum for their content area. CIC will also provide innovative solutions through expert curricular advice for educators. I will collaborate closely with educators and school administrators to create an enhanced connection between curriculum and district goals.

Why CIC Strategies?

CIC is committed to helping teachers build an educational community where they can discover their own value in the classroom. I have experience in developing, and implementing standards based reporting and grading practices, as well as the flipped classroom model for health, physical education, art, drama, chorus/music, and band. I will demonstrate the importance of understanding where the educational team is starting before they embark on curriculum writing. Although educators may be at different stages in their curriculum writing, CIC will provide both team support as well as individual assistance.

Services Offered

Create and Implement Curricular Strategies

CIC consulting focuses on establishing educational leadership and curricular planning. Included in this service is a combination of the following based on the needs assessment of the school district and the educators within:
• Assess/connect district and individual educators’ goals.
• Organize curriculum based on priority standards.
• Create curricular alignment across grade levels.
• Establish appropriate alignment between the curriculum, assessments and rubrics.
• Provide ongoing support for the educational team.

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