My most intensive work with Allison has been related to health, physical education, as well as the fine arts curricular alignment as we have been reviewing the National Standards for each content area at LBMS. Allison has taken a lead on our standards based practices committee where she has improved her knowledge of curricular design. Allison has a passion for curricular studies and an interest in improving the instructional methods of others in the educational field. ~ Kellie Bae, Director of Curriculum/Lake Bluff Middle School Assistant Principal

LBMS Director of Curriculum

Allison is clearly a dedicated teacher that goes out of her way to address the individual needs of her students. The experience she has gained as a health educator in the middle school level will prove invaluable as she strives to provide clear curricular services to her peers and school districts alike. ~ Dr. Vicki J. Worrell, Emporia State University

Emporia State University

I have known Allison for eight years, and I have been able to work closely with her. Allison is a dependable, organized, and resourceful educator who goes above and beyond to create resources for her students. Her expertise in curriculum development and instruction for health and physical education is exceptional. I know I can go to Allison if I need assistance when creating curriculum. She is always willing to share ideas and has been able to supply me with rubrics, as well as standards based grading assessments. ~ Jessica Fenton, Highland Middle School, Libertyville, IL

Highland Middle School

Allison has been so knowledgeable and encouraging during this daunting process. Thank you! ~ Janet Engel-Julian, Lake Bluff Middle School, Lake Bluff, IL 

Lake Bluff Middle School – Art

Allison’s confidence, patience, and creative problem-solving strategies have made navigating the sometimes overwhelming task of curriculum writing so much more manageable.  I feel motivated and goal-oriented whenever I get the opportunity to work under her guidance!  ~ Adrienne Olmstead, Lake Bluff Middle School, Lake Bluff, IL


Lake Bluff Middle School – Drama